Drug Discovery and Development Obstacles

In spite of discovery of various drugs, several challenges are unmet and there is always a need to compensate our resources in fighting to solve issues at a basic science level and also for the development of new drugs, new approaches for treatment. There is always a quest for new knowledge that is available today for any specific medical condition. There are several unknown solutions thus finding a novel drug for a disease is always a challenge. Following the path from discovery of a molecule through the road of development is complex and involves time, money and multiple disciplines to move it ahead.

Despite efforts to hasten the process of drug development using innovative technologies, the current efforts still appear to be ineffective. Several novel strategies like academia-industry interactions that foster a conversion of novel technologies to product and public – private funding have not helped to conquer several diseases Therefore, it becomes important to identify the areas in the development chain that needs to be improved by which one can hasten the process.

Pharmaceutical industry and drug discovery research applied all the basic scientific data and have developed procedures and guidelines that enable the conversion of information into useful tools that can be used to treat disease. But the curve of submissions of new drugs and biologics to FDA is in the opposite direction, a mirror image of the investment curve. The major concern is related mainly to the costs of preclinical and clinical trials studies. Reasons for submission curve are the industry's lower revenue growth, poor stock performance, the lowest number of new chemical entity (NCE) approvals and the poor late-stage R&D which  is  prevalent throughout the industry.