Pharmacovigilance, Risk Management and Drug safety

Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management comprises set of pharmacovigilance activities designed to identify, characterise, prevent or minimize risks related to medicinal products which  includes the assessment of the effectiveness of their clinical interventions and combination therapies. Drug industry need to promote companies in pharmacovigilance practice to use information technology and to review softwares used in pharmacovigilance and clinical trials. Monitoring unlicensed, off labels and orphan drugs is major task in risk management. Many experts from different pharmacovigilance CRO’s, pharmacovigilance service providers and industrial delegates are participating in this conference to share their knowledge and discuss about the new updates. Pharmacovigilance legislation focus on the rules and laws to follow in Pharmacovigilance practice. The Role of Pharma industries in the improvement of pharmacovigilance systems plays a crucial role to maintain the safety data, Detection and Evaluation of drug safety signals through medical devices reporting. Pharmacovigilance scope also deals as Ecopharmacovigilance (EPV), pharmacoenvironmentology and pharmacovigilance in herbal medicines

Prescription Safety is the pharmacological science ensuring security and related to the aggregation, area, assessment, watching, and repugnance of hostile side effects with pharmacological movement of pharmaceutical things. As per  US FDA a drug is seen as protected by  its look, collecting technique and delayed consequences of animal testing and clinical tests. In this conference, we look at Drug security and its applications in various fields, for instance, Software, Training.