Preformulation Considerations

Pre-formulation studies are an essential aspect for various phases of clinical trials. Pre- formulation studies act as the preliminary step as well as the scientific foundation for formulation design and development. These studies provide guidance in selection of drug, excipients, to determine chemical composition, physical pattern and assist in adjustment of pharmacokinetic profiles. Improving public safety measures and intensifying product quality are the other characteristics.

The main purpose of pre-formulation studies is to enhance compatibility with the other ingredients and develop elegant, stable, potent and safe dosage form. Physico-chemical parameters, drug solubility studies, partition coefficient, dissolution kinetics, polymorphism and stability profiles play a significant role in pre-formulation studies. These studies furnish the information regarding the degradation process, toxic effects and adverse conditions. So Pre-formulation is an interdisciplinary basis in drug development.

 The task of pre formulation and optimization process became comfortable with the support of statistical software based on artificial neural networking. Past perspectives, Present Scenario and Future opportunities will be addressed in this Pre-formulation conference.