Smart Materials for Drug Delivery

Materials are called “smart” when these materials have the ability to respond to stimuli and have high potential in delivery systems. The drug delivery to specific parts in the human body using smart materials has been approaching the forefront place in research for the past few decades. Materials for delivering drugs that do not interact non-specifically within the body must design drug carriers

Polymers have played an important role in the advancement of drug delivery technology by providing controlled release of agents in constant doses over longer duration and release of both hydrophobic and hydrophilic drugs. The greatest advantage of polymers is their ability to chemical modification, resulting in defined chemical composition, surface functionality and the potential for three-dimensional structures. Several polymers widely used are synthetic polymers and natural polymers.

Nano materials are used in controlled drug delivery. Drug-delivery systems can be designed with controlled composition, shape, size and morphology. Nanoparticles surface properties can be manipulated to increase solubility, immunocompatibility and cellular uptake.

Natural gums are widely used in the drug delivery system because of their wide availability, inexpensiveness.